Q8 has a network of more than 3500 branded service stations extending across the European continent and in Vietnam.

Our service stations

Q8 is at the forefront of developing forecourt retailing and constantly seeks to expand the range of goods and services offered at Q8 service stations for motorists and local communities, like Svolta in Italy. In some markets, this is achieved by establishing partnerships with other companies. In Benelux, for example, an alliance with supermarket chain Delhaize provides a mini supermarket service, Shop n' Go!
Car wash is also an important service for motorists and Q8 offers one of the most advanced carwash operations in Europe.
We offer electric chargers in our Benelux network, Spain, and Italy.

Q8 Italia

Kuwait Petroleum Italia is the branch responsible for the refining and distribution of petroleum products in Italy. Entering the Italian market in 1984 after taking over the Gulf Oil network, KP Italia has grown rapidly thanks to an acquisitions strategy, and is now considered the second biggest player in the Italian market.

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Q8 España

Kuwait Petroleum España is developing a network of service stations geared towards passenger cars in Spanish territory. The network is made up of flagged stations (Q8 and Q8 easy brands) both in Spain and Portugal.

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Q8 Benelux

Q8 Benelux includes a network of retail stations in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. In Belgium, the Q8 network has around 450 service stations under the Q8 and Q8 easy brands, and we are, therefore, one of the leading players in the market.​ Brands under Q8 Benelux include Tango and IDS.





OKQ8 was established on January 1, 1999 as one of Sweden's largest fuel companies. OKQ8 is a joint venture between Swedish OK Ekonomisk Förening (OK Economic Association) and Kuwait Petroleum International.
OKQ8's vision is to be the natural choice for drivers and energy customers. Our business idea is to be close to the consumer, give our members good benefits and make life easy for all of our customers.

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Idemitsu Q8 is Vietnam's first 100% foreign-owned oil & gas retail company. Created in 2018 between KPI and Japanese company Idemitsu Kosan, it has five retail stations in Hanoi and is planning to expand outside the capital over the coming five years.