Q8 strives to protect our future generations and the communities where we operate by committing to sustainable standards of performance in every part of our supply chain. Our goal is to use our natural resources responsibly, provide cleaner products and greener services, and reduce our carbon footprint.

Q8 Italia Sustainability Report 2022

Q8 Benelux Sustainability Report 2022

Code of Conduct - 2020

Code of Conduct - 2020

The intent of this document is to provide a set of guidelines​ to all employees in the conduct of their business and professional​ activities. Especially when dealing with colleagues, vendors,​ customers, contractors, government agencies and the public.​

Business Management System Policy​ - 2023

Business Management System Policy​ - 2023

In operating our business responsibly, we will seek to ensure that measures appropriate to the nature and scale of our activities, products, processes and services are in place in order to maximize positive impact and eliminate where possible, or minimize, any potential adverse impact.


Q8 has a strong culture of continuous improvement, and every part of our business is focused on enhancing performance. We constantly seek ways to improve the service we offer our customers and to achieve this in an efficient way that increases revenue or reduce costs.​ Our performance enhancement program drives a host of improvement across the company to achieve ambitious targets. Proven methodologies such as Six Sigma are used to identify the best solutions and ensure their long-term sustainability.​ As a part of this drive, Q8 has achieved accreditation in a comprehensive range of ISO standards; these provide a benchmark to achieve even greater efficiency and constantly enhance our standards of service and levels of environmental protection.​

Our sustainable service stations

We have a proud history of Corporate Social Responsibility. In 1985, Q8 pioneered the introduction of unleaded fuel in Europe and in 2012, launched the world's most sustainable service station.

The Tango station is a special project created in collaboration with the city of The Hague. The canopy has a modern green roof which does not merely offer a nice view but also entails a high insulation. Additionally, the led lighting ensures a good visibility, feeling of safety and strong savings.