Direct Services

Q8's Direct Services markets bulk fuels, bitumen, LPG and other petroleum products in each country where we operate.

Our customers include large organisations, public utilities, local authorities, transport companies, light industry and farmers, as well as private individuals who purchase home heating oil. In some markets the Direct Division operates as a subsidiary under an independent name. All of these customers are serviced through Q8's highly automated logistics network, where our investment in technology plays an important role in ensuring timely delivery of the highest quality products.
Through Q8's international research facility, direct customers have access to the latest thinking in the oil industry. This has proved an important feature for many of our customers who, regardless of their size, can rely on Q8 as their preferred supplier.

Q8 Aviation

Q8Aviation is one of the world's leading jet fuel marketers, providing fuel to well over 200 airlines at more than 60 airports across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East. In addition to serving major international airports, Q8Aviation also has a presence at a growing network of smaller regional airports.

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More than 30 years ago Q8 pioneered the concept of a business dedicated to the fuelling needs of international road transport companies. Today, IDS is one of Europe's leading fuel card companies with a network of more than 537 automated service stations in 23 countries across Europe..

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Q8 Oils

Q8Oils develops, manufactures and markets automotive and industrial lubricants, satisfying the needs of customers in a wide range of market sectors.

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Q8 Research

Q8Research is Kuwait Petroleum's Research & Technology Center. Located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, this extensive technical facility is responsible for product specification, quality control, new product development, and is the European training facility for our shareholder, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation.

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